Company establishment flow

When requesting the establishment of a company

The administrative scrivener corporation Miraie Legal Office will assist you in preparing and submitting the documents necessary for establishing a company, each procedure, advice on questions at the time of establishing a company, introduction of tax accountants, etc., and support after establishment.

Flow of procedures for establishing a company

I would like to explain the flow of the establishment of the company.(It depends on the content of the request.))

Consultation on the establishment of a company

We will explain the procedures for establishing the company and the cost of establishing the company.
Please feel free to contact us by contactus form or phone.

Request to establish a company

Please request it if you do not like the condition of the quotation presentation.(I’ll ask you to start the project fee)

Determining the Company Profile

We will decide the company profile at the meeting.
The company profile is the name of the company (trade name) decision, the location of the head office, the content of business, the amount of capital, and the number of directors (directors and auditors).

Confirmation of the trade name and business purpose

The Competent Legal Affairs Bureau will investigate whether there is a similar trade name in the same municipality where the head office is located.

Preparation of articles of incorporation and power of attorney

The articles of incorporation documents are the Constitution of the company, so to speak, which stipulates the rules for the operation and organization of the company.
We will hold meetings and create articles of incorporation that reflect the way the company organization should be and the future business development.

Certification of articles of incorporation at the notary public office

The Articles of Incorporation will be certified as a notary public office.In this case, an income sta
mp of 40,000 yen is not required because the well administrative scrivener legal office can perform electronic certification of the articles of incorporation.

Holding of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors appoints representative directors from among the directors.In addition, if the articles of incorporation determine only the minimum administrative district (city, town, or village) of the head office location, “Details of the head office location” will be determined.

Payment of funds

Until April 18, Heisei had deposited funds from financial institutions and issued a “payment deposit storage certificate”, but due to the enforcement of the Companies Act, the investor sat down to pay off the copy of the passbook, the cover, the inside cover, and the deposit.

Preparation and application for registration applications, etc.

The date on which you apply for registration is the date of the establishment of the company.
Apply for registration at the Legal Affairs Bureau, which has jurisdiction over the head office address.If there is no legal information such as correction, the registration procedure will be completed in about 7 days.The inaugural consent form is
necessary for the appointment of directors and corporate auditors.

Notification to government agencies

After the establishment of the company, we will submit various submissions to each public office.Our firm is a member of the Aichi Professional Group Limited Liability Business Association, so we will introduce experts on tax, social insurance, etc.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

◇Actual expenses

・ Articles of incorporation certification fee: 50,000 yen + copy acquisition fee of approximatel
y 2,000 yen, establishment registration registration license tax from 150,000 yen to (depending on capital amount)

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Customer’s Voice

We would like to introduce the voices of customers who requested the legal office of the administrative scrivener corporation Miraie. Here are just a few of our achievements. We are pleased that many customers have asked Miraie to ask the Legal Office.

◇Customers who established a company

I asked for the work i requested, and Mr. Well was sincerely engaged.Moreover, I was honestly surprised at the quick work i imagined.After the company was founded, we often bumped into the questions and concerns of our founding period, but it was really helpful to have a decent after-follow.Mr. Wellis is an administrative scrivener who has a wide range of knowledge and can rely on something, and can leave his job with peace of mind.

In the future, as we develop, we would like to ask Mr. Well to help.While thanking you for your help so far, we look forward to your future activities.Thank you always.

Hiroki Takeuchi, Life Partn
ers Co., Ltd.

◇Customers who established a company

First of all, the first impression when i met was outstanding.
I was strongly impressed that he was a person with a shining eye and a belief.

I remember talking to them and feeling very passionate about their work and listening to them with excitement.

I have a solid image when I hear an administrative scrivener, but there is no such thing at all, and i can talk about anything i
n a friendly way.
I think he is a very balanced person.
I talked to him for about an hour, and he said, “I’m sure this person isAnd on the spot, i immediately asked you to establish a company.

After that, i think that it is only a relationship of the establishment of the company with the administrative scrivener, but after the establishment of the company, it is possible to consult anything when it is troubled by the permission application document and the contract document etc. to submit to t
he administrative organ.

Now, i sometimes come to my house and talk about the world and the world.
We have a really good relationship.Thank you very much.
Also, thank you in the future.

I want to start a business around me from now on!Want to make a company,You can recommend with confidence to those who.

Keisuke Watanabe, HALW
ILL Co., Ltd.

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