Permanent Residence Permit

About permanent residence permit

It is eligible for foreigners who wish to change the status of residence of permanent residents or foreigners who wish to obtain the status of residence of permanent residents by birth, etc.If a foreigner with a status of residence wishes to change the status of residence to a permanent resident, it is a permission granted by the Minister of Justice and a kind of permission to change the status of residence.
If you obtain a permanent resident visa in Japan, you will not have to apply for an extension of your visa afterwards, and unlike a work visa or a student visa, there are no restrictions on your occupation, and your choice of occupation will be broadened.It is also easier to use loans such as banks and archives by obtaining a permanent resident visa.(However, there is an application of the alien registration, re-entry permit system, and deportation system.))

◇Procedures for applying for a permanent residence permit
◇Examination of permanent residence permit
◇Requirements for permanent residence permits
◇Necessary documents
◇Other “Simple Permanent Residence Permit”

1.Procedures for applying for a permanent residence permit

Foreigners who wish to change their status of residence to permanent residents may go to their nearest local immigration bureau, branch office or branch office within 30 days of birth or other reasons, if they wish to obtain the status of residence of a permanent resident by the expiration date of their period of stay.

If you are 16 years of age or older, the procedure will be made on behalf of your parents or others who live with you when you are under the age of 16.In addition, if the person in question is unable to perform the procedure sought due to illness or other physical failure, the application is permitted by a deputy.In addition, those who have received approval to apply to the Minister of Justice by administrative scrivener, etc., can also proceed on behalf of the person in question.

When the person applies, he/she must present a passport, alien registration card, etc., and a document certifying his/her identity if the agent or the applicant submits the application.
If allowed, a fee of 8,000 yen is required (delivered on income stamp).
It takes about six months for the results to come out, so if your current period of stay expires during your application, be sure to apply for a period of stay renewal permission before the expiration of your period of stay.If you do not apply, you will be staying illegally and will not be able to obtain a permanent residence permit.

2About the examination of the permanent residence permit

Foreign nationals who have obtained a permanent residence permit will be residing in Japan based on the status of residence of a permanent resident.Since the status of residence “permanent resident” is not limited to any of the residence activities or the period of stay, the residence control is greatly relaxed compared to other status of residence.For this reason, the permanent residence permit is carefully reviewed rather than the normal change of residence status, so the examination period will take about six months.

3Requirements for permanent residence

The requirement for a permanent residence permit is generally required to continue to be in Japan for more than 10 years, but those who are recognized for their contributions to Japan in fields such as diplomacy, society, economy, and culture are more than five years old, but their stay is different depending on the project.
You must meet the minimum requirements, but even if you meet the conditions, you may not be allowed to live permanently.The decision of permission and disallowisation is made by comprehensively judging the status of each applicant’s residence.

1) Good conduct
2) Have assets or skills sufficient to make a living of independence
You will be asked if you can maintain a normal level of life.(Determined by household)
3) The permanent residence of the person shall be recognized as being in accordy with the interests of Japan.
4) Having been in Japan for more than 10 years
If you enter Japan with the qualification sit-in for study abroad or study, you must stay at least five years with a qualification to work within a period of stay of 10 years or more.
For those who have a permanent resident status, you must have stayed in Japan for at least five years (more than five years after permission if you change your status of residence).
5) The longest period of stay (many of which is 3 years) for the status of residence you currently have
6) Non-hazardous things from a public health perspective

4.About the necessary documents

1) Application for permanent residence permit
2) Materials to prove identity relationships (family register copy, etc.)
3) Certificate of foreign registration or resident card of applicant s and family members
4) Documents certifying the occupation of the applicant or the person who supports the applicant
5) Documents certifying the income of the applicant or the person who supports the applicant
6) Identity assurance materials
7) Materials certifying the performance status of public divisions
8) Materials to disclose the assets of the applicant or the person who supports the applicant
9) Biography
10) Housing Report
11) Family Status Report
12) Others

5.Other “Simple Permanent Residence Permit”

If a spouse or child of a Japanese, permanent resident, or special permanent resident applies for a permanent residence permit, it is subject to a more moderate requirement than in general.
Of the screening criteria
1) Good conduct
2) Have enough assets or skills to make a living of independence
requirements are excluded.However, it is actually the material of the decision whether to allow it.In addition, the period of stay has also been relaxed.

Spouses have been residing in Japan for more than three years after their marriage, or if they have been married overseas, they have been married for three years and have been residing in Japan for more than one year.
Children are required to continue to stay in Japan for more than one year, but even if the requirements are met, permission will be made by comprehensively determining the status of their respective residents.
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