Traffic accidents

Consultation on traffic accidents

◇Important things to hold down if you are in a traffic accident
◇What and how much can be charged for damagecaused by the damage?
◇Accreditation of post-deceased disability and the amount of the claim
◇What the Miraie Legal Office can help

1.At first

Unfortunately, if you become a victim of a traffic accident, the final solution is a monetary solution.Realistically
You have to convert your lost life, injuries, and aftereffects into money.

Conversely, the victim of a traffic accident said, “Pay 10,000 yen for the damage caused by the traffic accident.You have the right to charge the other party.On the other hand, the perpetrator’s insurance company is generally more likely to negotiate with an insurance company than to negotiate directly with the perpetrator.”I can’t pay because i can’t convince you because the amount is high.And the right to argue
I have.

In such a conflicting relationship, victims with little legal knowledge or bargaining power are often misunderstood even if the amount of the claim is small, or in many cases they fall asleep in frustration and tears due to “as the insurance company says”Of course, insurance companies that are victims, and that is not to say that they want to keep it as cheap as one yen, and that the victim sought to deal with the victim who met the damage suddenly day by day to the insurance company that has the know-how to do it every day.
Isn’t it?

The well administrative scrivener legal office also brings in a keen consultation that said, “I am not satisfied with the amount of the insurance company’s settlement,” “the insurance company’s personnel are not responding well,” and “I was told that there is a pain but the symptoms are fixed.”Moreover, it is also true that there are many such victims who do not know how to calculate the amount of damages, what can be claimed, and “what can be claimed”, no matter how much the victim is said to have the right to claim the amount of damages.

At such times, we recommend that you consult with an administrative scrivener.Although the administrative scrivener cannot prepare and submit documents to the court in the case of negotiations, settlements, etc. with the perpetrator, or in the case of a lawsuit in person, he or she will not be able to “calculate the amount of damages for damages” and “prepare documents related to rights and facts” with a wealth of expertise as a “close lawyer”, and we support the discussion to eliminate the disadvantage sought by the victim sought by “as the insurance company is told” and “not well understood.”

Even in the case of litigation, we will work with legal experts in other business, such as law scriveners and lawyers, to resolve the issue.In conjunction, the social insurance labor officer of the partner will correspond to the procedure related to insurance.

In addition, please feel free to consult with the administrative scrivener because the obligation to keep the customer’s secret is strictly imposed by the law.

2Important things to hold down in a traffic accident

1.What can be claimed for the damage caused?
2How much damages will be paid?
Common disability accidents include “medical expenses”, “hospitalization alimony”, “hospitalization incidental expenses”, “hospitalization expenses”, “hospital expenses”, “hospital alimony”
There is “compensation for leave of absence”.
3Percentage of negligence

3What and how much can be charged for damage

1.Medical expenses (medical expenses, hospitalization expenses, etc.)
2Accompanying nursing expenses
(4,000 yen to 6000 yen per day at the time of hospitalization 3,000 yen to 4,000 yen per day/ request both admission to the hospital per day)
3In-hospital expenses (1200 yen to 1400 yen/day)
4.Hospital expenses (200 yen to 250 yen/day)
5.Compensation for leave (salaried workers and self-employed workers have different amounts)
1) Calculate daily income from annual income (self-employed people file tax return amount for the previous year)
2) Days x Days of absence
・ It may be accepted even if you use paid salaried workers.
・ Housewives, housework assistance, and part-time workers will have their annual income with the Wage Census created by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Calculation.However, if the actual income is higher than the wage census, the part-time job will charge the actual income.
・ If the amount of the declaration and the actual income are different for the self-employed person, the evidence to prove the actual income is
Make them admit.(More and more cases are accepted these days.)
・ If a shop owner or other person is involved in a traffic accident, the sales of the store will be affected.When I was closing the shop again
You can also claim rent, employees, and so on.It is not possible to become business without the person in question of the national qualification person etc.
if the decrease in sales can prove a causal relationship with a traffic accident.
・ Among the remuneration of “labor compensation” and “internal evaluation remuneration for status” of the officers of the corporation, the “labor compensation” is
may be recognized.
・ Even unemployed people can claim based on the salary paid if they have decided where to find a job.I’ve got a job to find again.
If you can prove that you were looking for a job, you can claim it based on the wage census.
6.Alimony (requested from Japan Bar Association standards)
7.Transportation expenses for hospital visits (actual expenses request)
8.Lost profit from the aftermath of the failure
9.Alimony for damage to the aftermath
The above 1-9 items can be charged, but the certification grade of 8,9 after-effects disorder determines the amount of the charge.

If you need anything else
1.Home remodeling expenses in case of remodeling your home in barrier-free to use a wheelchair
2Modification expenses for vehicles for people with disabilities
3Prosthesis, prosthetic hand preparation and replacement costs
4.Future treatment costs and accompanying nursing expenses (if specially admitted by the doctor)
It is an item that more than one to four can be charged.

4.About the recognition and the amount of the charge of the post-failure failure

The doctor diagnosed him that he could not recover any more, and when he wrote a medical certificate admitting the aftermath disorder, he became “symptom-fixing”, and the victim was 1.Lost income due to post-failure 2.You will be charged for damages for the damage to the deceased.

1.Lost profit from the aftermath of the failure
This lost profit is a profit that would have been taken for granted in the future if it had not been for a traffic accident.In the case of a fatal accident, it becomes “profit which is supposed to have been obtained naturally in the future if it is alive”.

2Damages for damages to post-failure disorders (alimony)

Post-failure grade Alimony amount Post-failure grade Alimony amount
1st grade 2400-28 million yen 8th grade 700-8.5 million yen
Second class 2000-24 million yen 9th grade 530-6.5 million yen
Third grade 1700-20 million yen 10th grade 420-5.2 million yen
4th grade 1450-17 million yen 11th class 320-4 million yen
5th grade 1250-14.5 million yen 12th class 220-2.8 million yen
Sixth class 1050-12.5 million yen 13th grade 140 to 1.8 million yen
Grade 7 850-10 million yen 14th class 80 to 1.1 million yen

Nippon Benren Traffic Accident Counseling Center Standards

In the case of a fatal accident, 1.One Landlord Working 2.According to the main worker of the family 3.The amount charged by a single person etc.
It’s different.

Although the amount of charge varies depending on the grade here, it is certified by the “Automobile Insurance Insurance Rate Calculation Meeting” based on the medical certificate written by the doctor, not the doctor.

5.To be assisted by the Well Administrative Scrivener Legal Office

Prepare a report on the occurrence of an accident
Check the percentage of negligence
Calculation of damages and invoice creation
Self-liability insurance claim procedures (depending on the claim in person).Insurance claims, damages, internal payments, provisional payments)
Voluntary insurance claimprocedures
Procedures for certification of the grade of the deceased disability, the preparation and submission of the objection form
Notification of third-party conduct, health insurance switching procedures (introduction of social insurance workers)
Procedures for claiming government compensation schemes
Preparation and submission of content certificates
Advice on mediation by introducing lawyers and judicial scriveners, settlement and litigation at the Traffic Accident Dispute Resolution Center
Inheritance Procedures

In any case, we recommend that you consult with an expert as soon as possible.