For "safety" of the customer and "trust" from the customer ...

As an administrative scrivener, protecting your rights and helping you fulfill your obligations It is the mission and pride of an administrative scrivener to deliver certainty and peace of mind and contribute to society. The well that the administrative scrivener Well aims for is your "safety" and "trust" with you.

Although it is a small administrative scrivener office, he works hard every day to improve his "friendliness" and "friendship," And we are doing our best to value "response" and "footwork".


Why we are chosen.

  • Permit rate

    Permit rate

    High permission rate of over 90% immigration and 100% permission!

  • Experience


    The tie-up with each expert progresses, and the handling work is diverse.

  • Teamwork


    Staff level is high and there are many people! Excellent teamwork!

  • Footwork


    With light footwork, we work sincerely and seriously!


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