Guidance of handling business

We will inform you about the handling work of the administrative scrivener corporation Miraie Legal Office.

Company establishment

Established NPOs and specific NPOs
Establishment of LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
Establishment of LLC (Llc)
Establishment of joint capital and name company
Opening of restaurants, thrift shops, warehouse shipping, automobile transportation, etc.
Consultation business on independent opening

Civil Law

Traffic accidents
Consultation form on divorce, drafting and consultation of fair deeds
Create content certificates
Debt collection, cooling-off, cancellation of unscrupulous commercial law (visit sales)
Preparation of various contracts
Preparation of the minutes of the Board of Directors and General Meetings of Shareholders
Preparation of wills and heritage division talks
Copyright registration (intellectual property registration)
Consultation services related to civil law
Retirement agency service

Application for approval to the Public Office

Construction industry (including business analysis examination and bid participation)
Industrial waste related
Farmland Law
General cargo business
Use transportation business (a kind or two)
Rental car business
Dealer number (forwarding operation)
Antique dealer
Electrical engineering business
Prepayment type specific trading business
Authentic letters
Permission to install outdoor advertisements
Sex business
All other permits (excluding those restricted by other laws)
Consultation services for obtaining permits

Foreign Relations

Renewal of status of residence
Permanent residence permit due to change of status of residence
Permanent residence permit
Naturalization application
– Husband, children, etc.
Issuance of certificate of eligibility
Permission for activities outside of qualifications
Permission to re-enter japan
Issuance of work qualification certificate
Notification of change of affiliation
Application consultation to immigration
Support for the lives of specified skilled workers (registration support organization activities)

* After acquiring the specific skill No. 1 “Nursing care” (up to 5 years), you can obtain the status of residence “Nursing care” if you qualify as a care worker. (There is no limit on the period of stay for the status of residence “Nursing Care”.) We also support the acquisition of care worker qualifications, such as taking courses (paid) held by affiliated care managers, to help you acquire long-term residency status. In addition, we have a career consultant who is a national qualification, and we have a full support system to prevent job turnover.


Application for various grants
Application for loan to The Japan Policy Bank
Support for application for fire insurance (wind and flood damage)
Support for entrepreneurship or advancement in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mongolia
First compliance for new employees
Compliance for mid-career recruits
Company Law
How to write a will
About the guardiancy system
About copyright (intellectual property)
How to write a proof of contents
Holding employee education
Basic scan and practice of management
Problem solving and development of skills for mid-level employees
One step of new recruit salesman education and sales
About risk management
Development of professional leaders, etc.
Regarding other duties, we have a large number of experienced and spontaneity staff at the Well Administrative Scrivener Legal Office, so we will sincerely help you to satisfy our customers.


We strive every day to achieve a “safe” and “quick and reliable response” and “reasonable” compensation system by our customers with a number of handling and experienced staff.We want to be the closest consultation desk for our customers and to be the closest to our local community.We will work with lawyers, judicial scriveners, tax accountants, and other experts to build further one-stop services, so please feel free to contact us.

In addition, the administrative scrivener well who has a lot of experience will help you with various seminars and the request of the lecturer.