Preparation of contents

What is content proof?

The content proof is a system that the post office proves the “content of the document” created as the name is done.

The post office of the third party (who has no interest in the difference recipient) can make the document with “evidence power” by proving it.

In addition, if you make it “with proof of delivery” at the post office, the certificate will prove the “date it was delivered” to the other party.
I usually send it with a proof of delivery.This will complete the effect of the proof of content.
Similarly, the date of the post office is also proven.(To put it out as a registered note)

In addition, they not only prove the content and the date they were put out, but also give you a copy.
Three letters (the same content) are brought into the post office, one of which is kept by the post office for five years.
Even if you lose the sender’s storage, if you go to the post office, it will be re-delivered, so you can’t find it.Even if it becomes, it does not trouble.

◇Specific examples using the content scan
◇How to write a certificate of contents
◇Postage for proof of contents

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Specific examples using content certification

In general, it is often used in the following cases.

1.Receivables and Debt
Request for loan
Transfer of receivables
– Waiver of receivables
Offset of receivables and liabilities
Notice of non-payment of bills
・ For the support of the statute of limitations
• Temporary interruption of the statute of limitations
・ Request for discontinuation of similar trade names, copyright infringement, etc.
Notification of setting of mortgages, quality rights, etc.

2Trading relationships
Charge for payment
Request for delivery of goods
Request for repair or replacement of defective products
・ Cancellation of contracts signed by compulsion
・ Claims of invalidity of contracts concluded due to errors
・ Cancellation and termination of contracts under the Consumer Contract Act
・ Claiming the partial void of the contract under the Consumer Contract Act

3Cooling Off
・ Contracts for visit sales, telephone solicitation sales, specific continuous service transactions, chain sales transactions, and business offer attracting sales transactions
・ Contracts for installment sales (off-store transactions)
・ Contract by housing and building transactions (off-store transactions)
Insurance policy
・ Contract by physical mado transaction
Contracts by overseas futures trading
・ Contract for new recruitment of golf membership
Contract by mortgage securities transaction
・ Contracts for real estate-specific joint transactions
Contracts through commodity fund transactions

4.Leasehold, house-related
Refusal to renew contracts
Request for clear delivery by expiration of period
Application for change of contract contents
Charges for rent and land
Notification of deposit stipulations for rent and land charges
Request for refund of deposit
Notice of change of landlord and land owner

Request for unpaid wages against the company
・ Request alimony to the company and the perpetrator for sexual harassment at the company
・ Request alimony to the person who terminated the engagement
・ Proposal for consultation divorce
・ Request for reduction of inheritance
Request for child support payment
Notification of cancellation of law acts of minors
・ Request to stop the withdrawal of illegal loans

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How to write a proof of contents

The content proof is basically a letter, but there are various restrictions on how to write it.

Number of characters and lines
a) Within 26 lines, 20 characters per line (20 lines, 18 characters is OK)
b) Within 20 lines, 26 characters per line (18 lines or 24 characters are OK)

You can write any paper on any form.A long time ago, it was common to use paper sold to stationery stores with handwritten paper partitioned by squares, but it is OK to write vertically or horizontally with a word processor.

By the way, when you create with a word processor, even if punctuation comes at the end of the line when you format it with “25 lines and 19 characters”, if you set it to 19 characters.And “”, because it is accepted in the 20th character, you do not have to “rewrite” at the post office.
Punctuation and symbols are also counted as one character, so be careful.

Please make three copies of the same content.The post office is ahead, the author’s refrain, and mailed to the other party.

Only Kanji, Kana, and Numbers.
However, there are exceptions, and proper nouns (such as product names and car model) of letters are available.
Common symbols such as Parentheses, Punctuation, +, and %are also available.

Correction and correction
Draw a line so that you can read the characters you want to correct or delete, write “2-character correction” and “two-letter subscription” in the upper column of the relevant area, and press the mark.(Same mark as the one stamped next to the name)

Date, address, and name
Be sure to use the address and name of the address and name recipient (person to be notified) of the date of creation and the sender (notification person) in the text (end)

Seal and seal
It will be stamped under the name of the sender or on the right (horizontal), but the seal is acceptable.
Also, when correcting, press the same mark used for stamping.

If the number of sheets has increased to two or more sheets, press “Seal”.
The seal is the one that the first and the second sheet are stamped to prove that it is the same, and the back side of one piece and the second front side are stamped so that it overlaps.

Please write the same thing as the “address and name” written in the text.
Also, do not close the seal, take it to the post office, and after confirmation (after the postmaster stamp), seal it in front of the post man.
Glue it.

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Postage for proof of content

Basic fee Up to 25g Eighty. Circle
Up to 50g ¥90
Certification fee One sheet ¥420
Every increase ¥250
Registered charges ¥420
Proof of delivery Every increase ¥300
After the difference ¥420
Express charges Any ¥270

(tax included)

Our firm focuses on debt collection in particular, and has succeeded in collecting more than 9 million yen as a result.(H20.5.20)