Customer's Voice

This is the voice of a customer who requested the legal office of the administrative scrivener corporation Miraie.

We will introduce the voice of the customer who requested it from our office.

Here are just a few of our achievements. Many customers were satisfied with the request from the legal office to Mirai. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who posted.

We will continue to work hard to meet our expectations by sincerely facing the voices of our customers.

◇Customers who established a company

“It’s a sincere and quick job that I’ve imagined.After-follow is also perfect”

I asked for the work i requested, and Mr. Well was sincerely engaged.Moreover, I was honestly surprised at the quick work i imagined.After the company was founded, we often bumped into the questions and concerns of our founding period, but it was really helpful to have a decent after-follow.Mr. Wellis is an administrative scrivener who has a wide range of knowledge and can rely on something, and can leave his job with peace of mind.

In the future, as we develop, we would like to ask Mr. Well to help.While thanking you for your help so far, we look forward to your future activities.
Thank you always.

Life Partners Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hiroki Takeuchi

◇Customers who established a company

“My eyes were shining, i was excited to be talking with my beliefs.I’m sure this is him!I recommend it with confidence”

First of all, the first impression when i met was outstanding.
I was strongly impressed that he was a person with a shining eye and a belief.

I remember talking to them and feeling very passionate about their work and listening to them with excitement.

I have a hard image when I hear the administrative scrivener, but there is no such thing at all, and i want to talk about anything in a friendly way.
You can.
I think he is a very balanced person.
I talked to him for about an hour, and he said, “I’m sure this person isAnd on the spot, i immediately asked you to establish a company.

After that, i think that it is only a relationship of the establishment of the company with the administrative scrivener, but after the establishment of the company, the problem of the law and the tax, the approval application document to be submitted to the administrative organ, etc. and the contract document, etc. can consult anything in the relations
It has become.

Now, i sometimes come to my house and talk about the world and the world.
We have a really good relationship.Thank you very much.
Also, thank you in the future.

I want to start a business around me from now on!Want to make a company,You can recommend with confidence to those who.

Representative Director Keisuke Watanabe

◇Customers who established a company

“From the moment we met, we were relieved.Oh, i’m glad this person is in good faith.It is beyond the boundaries of the administrative scrivener.I hope you will continue to do so for many years to come.”

It was about two years ago, but at the time, i was looking for someone who could consult legally at the time of the time when I was aiming to open a business in a completely different industry.
I searched on the Internet and arrived at well’s home page and said, “Is it okay to have such a consultation?”I was at a loss, but i took an appointment with peace of mind when I saw the homepage and blog full of mr. well’s personality.

I still remember that i was relieved from the moment I met him, listening to my advice about law and taxes that I was ignorant of.

In addition to business consultations, we have been able to provide examples of mr. Wells’s customers in detail, and we have forgotten the time and talked about them.Thank you very much for that passage.

It’s a relationship that started, but in addition to the establishment of a company,
I was allowed to ask for a job.

I can ask for a job with peace of mind and i think every time I see him in good faith, he says, “Oh, I’m glad you’re this person.”

In addition, when there is a trouble, i have you introduce the excellent person who is a friend of Mr. Well.

Mr. Well’s work is beyond the boundaries of administrative scrivener.

From now on, I think without permission to be a long relationship, thank you very much for a long time.

ARIAS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Tatsuya Kurauchi

◇Customers who established a company

“It was the first time and i was worried, but the response was quick and polite.It’s easy to get involved in a variety of consultations.”

It was my first time, and I was always worried, but i was able to establish a company very politely and quickly.
I was able to feel free to respond to other consultations.

I think there is a time to be indebted in the future, thank you.

Ishida Gumi Co., Ltd.
Mr. T.I.

◇Customers who established a company
“I didn’t understand it at all, but it was established in no time.I was left with peace of mind.The cost is also cheap.The character was good.”

I didn’t know anything about the establishment of the company, but thanks to i asked Dr. Well, I was able to establish it in no time.I was able to leave it to you with peace of mind, and the cost was cheap, and the character of the well teacher was good.

Please become a bigger office, teacher than now!

Tamamitsu Weight Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Ryuji Ishigaki

◇Customers who established a company
“The explanation was very good.He was kind and visited me many times.”

The explanation is very easy to understand.
That the teacher was kind
– Many times you’ve been there

Satohara Engineering Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yukio Sadohara

◇Customers who established a company
“It’s easy to understand and speedy.It will continue to be long.”

It was easy to understand, speedy, and very good, such as the flow to the establishment.
Thank you for a long time in the future.

J.RIS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hirofumi Fujiwara

◇Customers who established a company
“The staff were very friendly and helpful.It was helpful to have prepared the documents after the establishment.”

Even though there were a lot of things i didn’t understand, i noticed it while carefully and plainly explained, and it was established.I was very helpful because i was busy making up the constitution idea letter and the founder roster to submit to the tax office.

Tsukasa Landscaping Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Minoru Matsuno

◇Customers who established a company
“I asked you to be safe and you’re right.He came to me even though he was far away.”

Because it was an introduction of the acquaintance, I asked in peace.Despite the distance, i was able to come to the meeting and make the explanation easy to understand and asked the teacher to do the correct answer.I was also able to make a greeting card.
We will continue to ask for permission to do so.

Shinryo Ueki Landscaping Center Co., Ltd.

◇Customers who established a company
“I’m happy to be able to set up without any problems with the right advice”

I was uneasy only because it was the first time, but I am satisfied that I was able to establish it without any problems at all with the appropriate advice.

In the future, we expect business matching through exchange meetings by customers of the Well Administrative Scrivener Legal Office.

K Consulting Co., Ltd.
Iku-sama Kawaguchi, Representative Director

◇Customers who established a company
“Very easy to understand and quick response”

It was very easy to understand, and the procedure was smooth, and it was saved.
I’m an amateur, but it’s very easy to understand when you need to prepare necessary documents, etc.
It was a quick response.

Now, the corporate procedures, because i just finished and do not understand anything
When you come near, please stop by to show your face.

I’m Co., Ltd.
President & CEO

Mr. Katsuharu Miwa

◇Customers who established a company
I’ll rely on you like my brother.

Since the establishment of the company, I am very grateful to have been able to provide advice on business with a friendly consultation.
The content of the business is also, but it is a point that i have gotten on the consultation up to a private.
I will ask you to rely on you like a good big brother in the future.

Octopus Fire Co., Ltd.
Mr. Gakuto Mizujiri, President

◇Customers applying for construction permits
“I was asked to give me a consultation on the details of the permit and other than the permission.Let’s do our best together.”

I visited many times and was able to teach me the details.
I am grateful to have been consulted by a variety of non-administrative scrivener.

It is a business that deals with moral, corporate compliance, personal information, etc., and i think that it is a hard-working business, but i would like to enter between the law and the customer, and ultimately work hard for each other to become a company that can satisfy the customer.

Cayes Techno Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Tsutomu Kato

◇Customers who have applied for permission to work in the construction industry and industrial waste collection and transportation
“The response is very fast.I can talk to you about anything and make a lot of suggestions.”

Quick response
You can talk about anything that is in trouble.
・ Make various proposals for a single project

We want more employees and more professional opinions.
(E.g. Specialists who can do anything about industrial waste or …)

Onaka Environment Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Masanori Nakajima

◇Construction license, end of the year, management examination, and customers related to capital increase
“I was able to get it in a short period of time.Thank you in the future.”

In the construction industry acquisition, we had many meetings and were able to acquire them in a short period of time.
In addition, i have you to consult variously and help.
Thank you for your continued approval.

Koko Landscaping
Mr. Yusuke Matsuno, President

◇Customers with industrial waste collection and transportation permission at the end of the fiscal year
“The staff were very friendly and helpful.Progress reports are also carried out at any time, reliable and reliable.”

1. Work is early.
2. The work is polite.
3. The instructions on the preparation materials are more accurate than in the document.
4. The progress report of the request will be carried out at any time as needed.
5. The best is trusted, and you can leave it with peace of mind.

I thought that it took care of above.Thank you in the future.
I would be happy if you could briefly explain the contents of the documents you have created and applied for and the storage status.

Gifu Heavy Weight Co., Ltd.

◇Transportation customers
“I was able to get it faster than I thought.Thank you for consulting me in various ways.”

At first, I tried to get it in-house, but it was difficult to understand the explanation of the government office, and when I asked for a lot of documents to prepare, it was very helpful to be able to get it earlier than I thought.
I was asked to explain the details and visit them many times.I am grateful to have you consult variously in the thing other than the request.

(Yes) Quattro
Representative Director Tomohito Ohba

◇Customers who change their status of residence
“I thought no, but the permit came down.It might have been impossible without the power of Dr. Well.”

The number of international students entering the country is on the rise.As a result, the employment status of international students to Japanese companies has also increased.We have been recruiting Chinese trainees for three years.Labor practices, weekly differences, communication issues, and so on.This year, we were able to recruit two new students( Chinese).

At first, I thought that the application permission from the immigration was “No”.This time, i was able to adopt it with the help of the well teacher.I spent more than two months, but without the help of Dr. Well, I don’t think I could have adopted it.

Hattori Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Takahiro Hattori

◇Customers requesting divorce consultation
“They listened to me very well and responded to me with a friendly approach.”

I was very at a loss as to where to consult, but when I took the plunge and consulted with my teacher by looking at the photos of the website that seemed sincere, I was able to make the divorce consultation form a fair certificate safely by having you consult with my teacher very friendly.I was glad to hear that Mr. Well was encouraged in various ways.

Mr. K and I

◇General customers
“I can see the teacher sweating and running around for someone today.”

Saying that summer is over, it is still hot.
Have you stayed the same with your teacher?

I think you were surprised by the sudden letter.
Please forgive me.

I struggle every day to raise my two-year-old twin daughters.
The reason i was able to look forward and spend my hard work now was because I met my teacher.
I will never forget the hardest time we had to fight together to get to the start of a new life.

My gratitude to the teacher has remained in my mind for a long time today, but my gratitude has been very late.
It’s really small, but I’ll send it to you.

I can see the teacher sweating and running around for someone today.

Mr. Anonymous.