Naturalization Application

About naturalization application

Naturalization application means that a foreigner who has been shown his intention to acquire Japanese citizenship will apply to the Minister of Justice and acquire Japanese citizenship and become a “Japanese”.Since Japan does not recognize dual citizenship, obtaining Japanese citizenship means losing its original nationality.In addition, because the dual nationality of the minor also has to choose the nationality by the time it reaches adulthood, the indication of the intention to become a Japanese becomes a naturalization application.However, naturalization applications are not easily accepted, and it takes time to apply.Since this is the situation surrounding such a naturalization application, the Well Administrative Scrivener Legal Office has interviewed in advance and has received requests after considering it.

◇Conditions of naturalization application
◇Flow of naturalization application
◇What to do when naturalization is allowed

Conditions for naturalization application

Article 5 of International Law
1) Continue to have an address in Japan for more than five years
By the time you apply for naturalization, you have been in Japan for more than five years.The address here is a “base of life”, so it is important to be careful because it does not include a mere “place of residence”.
However, a person who has an address or residence in Japan for more than three years in the child of a Japanese national (excluding adopted children)
This condition is waived in cases such as (Article 6,1 1 of the Nationality Act).

2) Must be at least 20 years of age and have the ability under the home law (reaching adulthood)
“Having the ability by the law of the home country” is that it has reached adulthood by the law of the United States of America, for example.However, a foreigner who is the spouse of a Japanese national and has three years from the date of marriage and has an address in Japan for more than one year.
This condition is waived in cases such as (article 7, the second stage of the Nationality Act).In addition, when a minor makes an application, the conditions are cleared because if the parent makes a naturalization application, it becomes a “child of the Japanese people” when the naturalization of the parent is permitted.

3) Good conduct
It is said that it is not inferior to a usual Japanese line.It is necessary to be careful even if it is a previous department, the delinquency history, and the traffic violation.
It is also important to have proper income declarations and tax obligations that are easy to forget.

4) To make a living by the assets or skills of a spouse or other relative who makes a living as one person or another.
Naturalized applicants must be able to make a living by their spouse or other relatives who make the same living.Even parents who are supported by their spouses (husbands and wives) and who are dependent on their children are required to make a living by comprehensively judging the assets or skills of their relatives who make a living.

5) Never attempted or carried out sabotage against the government
There are naturally no conditions for such a person because it is embarrassed by the person who makes anti-social acts and claims such as the destruction of the constitution and the government with violence after the date of the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan.Moreover, the person who formed and joined the organization which makes these claims and acts is not admitted, but I think that it is possible to judge it if it thinks about this condition in common sense.

6) You must not have nationality or lose that nationality by acquiring Japanese nationality.
A naturalized applicant must be a “stateless person” or a Person who loses his or her previous nationality by obtaining Japanese nationality.However, there are exceptions that can not be taken in fact, such as countries and refugees who do not allow minors to lose their nationality, but there are also nationality laws that allow them to leave their nationalities when there are special circumstances.

As a relaxation requirement of more than six conditions
Article 6 of the Nationality Act
1) When you have a special relationship with Japan and you actually have an address or residence in Japan
2) Children of those who were Japanese citizens
3) A person who was born in Japan and has an address or residence in Japan for more than three years or his/her father or his/her father
4) Those who have been in Japan for more than 10 years

Article 7 of International Law (for Japanese Spouses)
・ A foreigner who is the spouse of a Japanese national and has an address or residence in Japan for more than three years, and
Those who have
・ A foreigner who is the spouse of a Japanese national and has an address in Japan for more than one year after the date of marriage.

Article 8 of International Law (Relaxation of Address, Competence, and Livelihood)
・ A person who has an address in Japan (except adopted children) of the Japanese people
・ A person who has an address in Japan for more than one year and was a minor under the laws of his/her home country at the time of adoption.
・ Those who have lost their Japanese nationality (except those who have lost their Japanese nationality after being naturalized in Japan) and have an address in Japan
・ Those who have been born in Japan and have no nationality since birth and have an address in Japan for more than three years from that time.

Article 9 of International Law (Special Merit)
・ Those who have had special merit in Japan

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Flow of naturalization application


(Contact the Competent Legal Bureau in advance to reserve an interview date)

Interview at the Legal Affairs Bureau

(Instruction s on specific necessary documents)

Preparation and orderof documents


(Applicants must appear at least 15 years of age.Inspection of documents, reception)

Start of screening

(About 2 months)


The applicant appears in court.Additional documents may be presented)


(Sending documents to the Minister of Justice)

Minister of Justice decision

(Permission and disallowing are at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, so it is not a guarantee of naturalization by the submission.
It isn’t.In some cases, the screening period may take almost a year or more.)

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Naturalization application required documents (may not be required)

1) Naturalization application form (photo 5cm x 5cm)
2) Documents with a summary of relatives
3) Naturalization motives (excluding special permanent residents)”Written” )
4) Resume
5) Final graduation certificate or diploma (excluding special permanent residents)
6) Certificate of Enrollment
7) Certification of qualifications and skills
8) Copy of driver’s license
9) Driver’s record certificate
10) Driver record certificate (5 years)
11) A document certifying nationality and status
12) A copy of the family register in his/her home country( Korea, Taiwan, parents’ family register, family register) and envelopes mailed by
13) Certificate of nationality
14) Birth certificate (A copy of the family register for Koreans and Taiwanese people.Others notarized)
15) Marriage certificate, etc.
16) Passport
17) Adoption certificate, etc.
18) Parent-child relationship certificate
19) Certificate of marital relationship
20) A copy of the Japanese door (Xu) register, resident’s card
If you are married to a Japanese
If you are divorced from a Japanese
Those who are engaged to Japanese
・ Some parents and siblings have been naturalized (japanese members of the household)
21) Certificate of loss of nationality, etc.
22) Proof of address
・ Resident card (if you have a Japanese spouse, a japanese member has a Japanese, or a Japanese fiance)
・ Certificate of matters for foreign registration
23) Pledge
24) A document with an overview of the livelihood
25) A document with an outline of the business (business owner)
26) Tax Certificate
Withholding slip
Tax return
Income certificate (3 years’ worth)Special permanent residents are 2 years)
Business Tax Certificate ( )
Municipal tax
Consumption tax and local consumption tax ()
・ Tax return (refrain and copy)
Financial statements and balance sheets
・ Corporate tax certificate (Part 1, Part 2) (3 years’ worth.2 years’ worth of special permanent residents)
Corporation business tax (3 years’ worth.2 years’ worth of special permanent residents)
Corporation municipal tax
・ Deemed corporate income tax (
Consumption tax and local consumption tax ()
27) Certificate of attendance, salary statement
28) A schematic of the vicinity of the residence, place of work, and business office
29) Copy of real estate register
30) Certificate of holding of securities
31) Others
Snap photos with your family or photos of your home.(Details will be directed separately by the Legal Affairs Bureau.)

It is easy to forget that foreign language documents (family register scan and various certificates) that have been mailed from your home country require translation.
At that time, it is necessary to specify the name of the translator that attention is necessary.

Submit an application

1) All documents will be submitted in principle.In addition, the graduation certificate, etc., because the original is inquired at the time of application, the original is brought with at the time of application.

2) The applicant (if there is more than one applicant) will go to the Legal Affairs Bureau and submit the application.
The preparation of the application document and the order of necessary documents are ordered from the public office, and it is also in the well administrative scrivener legal office.
It is possible, but the application must be made by the person in question and the proxy application cannot be applied for a deputy.You can accompany the Legal Affairs Bureau, but you will be asked a variety of questions by interviewing the applicant individually.

Cost at the time of application

There is also an application to pay a fee after the permission comes down, such as permission to change the status of residence, the cost of the naturalization application
It’s free.However, there is an additional fee to obtain the certificate.

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What to do if naturalization is allowed

If naturalization is granted (even when it is not granted), the Legal Affairs Bureau will notify the applicant.Moreover, it is publicly announced in the official gazette and naturalization becomes public.
1) We will report naturalization to the municipal office of the newly established “registered land” within one month.
2) Return “Alien Registration Card” to the municipality of the address within 14 days.If you fail to pay back, you will be fined.
you need to be careful.
3) In addition, we will return the passport and notify the Immigration Bureau of naturalization.