Display of specific commercial law

Mail-order operators are required to display matters that should be displayed under Article 11 of the Specified Commercial TransactionS Act and Article 8 of Ordinance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In addition, we provide applications for various legal services on this site, and we accept applications for various legal services on the Internet, and in order to make similar obligations occur, we will display important matters in accordance with laws and regulations.

Display based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law
Name of seller Well Administrative Scrivener Legal Office
Location 59-1 Asano Onishi, Ichinomiya City, Aichi 491-0871
Representative Ido Jungo
Contact Phone 0586-81-2726 Email
Price of goods Based on the list price list displayed for each service.
The price of the service includes consumption tax.
Required amount other than the product price The client’s responsibility is the fee for transferring money to our office, the statutory costs related
to the establishment of the company, and the registration license tax.
How to pay Cash payments and transfers to a designated bank account
Due date Within 7 days from the date of completion of the creation of documents, etc.
Delivery time of goods, etc. Due to various circumstances such as civil law, approval application and procedure service, the delivery date of all documents cannot be decided in advance.We will discuss and confirm the work with our client.
Return goods If the documents prepared by our office are incomplete, we will re-create the
m at no cost.
About cancellation We will not accept any cancellation after the completion of the document preparation.If you indicate your intention to cancel the document before you begin, you will be charged 5,000 yen as an investigation preparation fee.