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Basic Policy on Countermeasures for New Coronavirus

Basic policy for measures against the new coronavirus

The following is the basic policy of the Well Administrative Scrivener Legal Office to prevent the spread of infection to employees, customers, business partners, and regional companies, to continue the business and to fulfill the mission of the office.

  1. Precautionary measures
    1) Thoroughly wash your hands (gargle) or disinfect with alcohol when you return home or go home.
    2) Thoroughly wear a mask during work.
    3) Always try to get enough sleep and a well-balanced diet to boost your immunity.
    4) Keep an appropriate humidity (50-60%) in a room that is easy to dry, using a humidifier.
    5) Ventilate regularly to the extent possible. (Aim once an hour.)
    6) Measure body temperature every morning during the infection period. In particular, be sure to consult with us above 37.5 ° C.
    7) If you feel unwell even if you do not have a fever, consult with us.
    8) Consider the way you spend your holidays to prevent infection.
    9) In accordance with the government’s instructions, do not go back and forth between areas where movement or going out is restricted or requested to refrain from going out during work or holidays.
    10) Use an air purifier during work.
  2. Business policy
    1) Consideration should be given to making visits to business partners as scheduled or by obtaining prior confirmation.
    2) Refrain from participating in unnecessary and unurgent meetings such as events, training, business trips, and banquets.
    3) Business trips and visits to areas where infected people are occurring should be avoided.
    4) If the conditions are met, business negotiations and meetings will be held via web conferencing.
    5) For the time being, office events will be cancelled.
  3. When symptoms that seem to be infection appear
    1) Report to prevent the spread of infection in the office / customers.
    2) If the person takes time off voluntarily in consideration of his / her physical condition, he / she will use paid leave or be absent from work.
    3) If it is predicted that there is a high risk of infection with the new coronavirus, or if the office is suspended from work in consideration of reports from the individual, a leave allowance will be paid.

If you have any of the following symptoms, consult with the Returnee Contact Counseling Center or your local health center.
1) There is strong fatigue (malaise) and dyspnea (dyspnea).
2) Cold symptoms and fever of 37.5 ° C or higher have continued for 4 days or longer.

  1. If you are infected
    1) From the time of discovery, prohibit attendance and follow the instructions of the medical institution according to the symptoms.
    2) Strive for treatment and recovery, and wait at home until the doctor gives permission to work. In this case, if an injury or illness allowance can be applied, apply. You will be absent from work during the period when the injury and illness allowance is not paid.
    Cooperate with the local health center to identify the behavior history of infected persons and close contacts.
    The application for paid leave shall be made by the person himself / herself, and exceptionally, it is possible to apply after the fact.
  2. When an infected person appears in the same facility / building or in a space without partitions
    1) If an infected person appears in the same facility, consult with the local health center, and those who are recognized as close contacts will be on standby for 14 days.
    2) Disinfect the facilities that the local health center deems necessary. The business reopening date will be determined.
  3. When the family is infected and when there is close contact with the infected person
    1) From the time of discovery, the source is prohibited.
    2) Wait at home for 14 days.
    3) The application for paid leave shall be made by the person himself / herself, and exceptionally, it is possible to apply after the fact.
  4. When it becomes difficult to work due to school closure
    1) Consult depending on the situation.
  5. Applicable period
    This policy shall be from the date of enactment to an appropriate period.

In order to continue to fulfill our mission and responsibility as an administrative scrivener, we will work to prevent infection with the well administrative scrivener legal office.

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Revised on November 17, 2nd year of Reiwa