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Application for issuance of status of residence certificate, etc.

We have applied for 2 applications for issuance of status of residence certificate and 1 application for renewal of status of residence to bring in husbands and mothers from their home countries.
It is much more difficult to get permission than those who are working in the application to call the husband who lives far away from Japan and the home country as a student (international student), but at the well administrative scrivener legal office, workers More than 90% of families and more than 80% of international students have permission.
This is also because we apply with a solid exchange of information with the client, preparation of detailed materials and reasons, and many certificates. However, it is still not a satisfactory number. After all, the goal is 100%, so I will continue to study and mobilize all my experience so that I can live with my family in Japan.
In order to renew the status of residence or change jobs that I applied for in June, I have to certify my work status in advance, and the status of residence (humanities knowledge) that the client has acquired matches the work content at the new job destination. There is no problem even if you change jobs. It is a job change with so-called immigration approval. With that permission, I was very pleased by the client and the company I was planning to hire.