Divorce Consultation Flow

Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling

The Well Administrative Scrivener Legal Office provides comprehensive consultation, document preparation, and legal advice to provide a convincing divorce and help you get started as soon as possible.

Divorce Consultation Flow

Divorce Issue Consultation

Please feel free to contact us by contacting us by contacting us about divorce.

Request for divorce issue

Please request it if you do not like the condition of the quotation presentation.(I’ll ask you to start the project fee)

Types of Divorce

Through consultation divorce, mediation divorce, and statutory divorce, the thing sought in the discussion will be written as a divorce consultation form.

Preparation of divorce consultation and fair certificate

Based on the contents of the discussions between the two parties, we will propose proposals and draft clauses to ensure that they are not disadvantaged, and draft a draft consultation form for the Divorce Fair Certificate.

Acceptance of divorce papers

We will notify you to the municipal office of the address or the address of the person who reported it.(Notification of person)