Business trip to Kyoto and Osaka

It was a while ago, but I went on a business trip to Kyoto and Osaka from the 20th to the 21st of last month.
I got permission to apply for renewal, which I had applied for in June, so I stayed the night before I arrived in Kyoto, and from the morning of the 21st, I went to the Kyoto immigration office to carry out seal procedures, and moved to Kita Ward, where the client’s company is located, to request renewal. I had a meeting with the person to apply for permanent residence and an interview with the president.
We would like to invite Nishijin weaving technicians from Nepal. I received a consultation. Nishijin Textile, a traditional craft, was also suffering from the aging of craftsmen and lack of successors. .
In the evening, in Osaka, we received a new proposal regarding urea aqueous solution, which is absolutely necessary for electric bicycles and diesel vehicles.
I will immediately make a proposal to the general business company where Ido is an outside director, but I would like to introduce it to other customers. It was in Kyoto and Osaka this time that I felt the possibility of expanding the scope of my work.